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Enrich your experience while you're at U of T!?We?are here to help you succeed and pursue opportunities that interest you. Connect?with other students, navigate?your academic pursuits, work?on cool projects,?start?a club, and balance your studies with your social life.

“Toronto is its own kind of urban laboratory – it’s incredibly diverse – and so using those skills you are learning in school and then applying them in practice was a superbly valuable experience.”

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Experiential Learning at UofT

The Experiential Learning Hub is available to help you explore options, find the best places to connect with local opportunities, and learn about resources and supports.

Research Opportunities Program

An experience at Canada's leading research university wouldn't be complete without some research experience. Beginning in second year, undergraduate students can work on research projects with U of T professors, for course credit.

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Student News at U of T?


From portable solar generators to race cars: U of T student makes the world his classroom

Engineering can take you places. Just ask fourth-year University of Toronto student?Ben Sprenger, who spent two weeks in the summer of 2019 talking to Mongolian nomads about portable solar generators.

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Researchers seek to improve representation with Canadian Black Scientists Network

For years, the University of Toronto’s Maydianne Andrade shied away from the idea of being a role model.

The professor of evolutionary biology at U of T Scarborough considers herself a “typical scientist” – one who is not particularly social, head down and immersed in her work. In fact, Andrade says she paid little attention to the issue of Black representation in academia despite a career riddled with moments where she was the sole Black person in a seminar or research lab.

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The New Normal with Maydianne Andrade (Ep. 18): One year later

For some, it was the last time they remember hugging a friend or a colleague, the last time they were with a class, in a crowd or with a group, the last time they took public transit without thinking about risk.

In episode 18 of The New Normal podcast, University of Toronto students, alumni and faculty talk with host Maydianne Andrade about the moment they realized COVID-19 had changed their world – and what they’re most looking forward to when the pandemic ends.

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